Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website and view my work. I have been creating oil paintings for over 20 years, exploring a wide variety of subject matter during that time. No other medium resonates with me the way oil paint does, with it's sculptural mark-making qualities, glazing capabilities, and rich history spanning from the Italian Renaisance to the present day.  My hope is to carry forward a long tradition of realism in our contemporary time, creating paintings with a commitment to skill, creativity, beauty, and empathy. I believe that real beauty is never trivial and that great art has the ability to give us hope and comfort in difficult times, to remind us that we are not alone, and even to heal our wounds. I welcome you to explore these galleries of my favorite subjects. I hope you enjoy what you find here!


Holly R. Henson (b. 1971) is a fine artist currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two young daughters. First a student of Mathematics and Philosophy at Samford University, she later continued her studies in Painting and Drawing at Georgia State University and the Atlanta College of Art. Holly has studied with contemporary portrait/figurative masters such as Steven Assael, Casey Baugh, and Seth Haverkamp. Additionally she has studied floral still life painting with master painters, Dennis Perrin and Katie Whipple. Her paintings are collected nationwide and internationally in London and Brussels. Holly's work has been featured in various group and solo exhibits, including exhibits by the Portrait Society of Atlanta and Oil Painters of America. Her portraits have won awards in various exhibitions, and recently she exhibited with the Audubon Artists at the historic Salmagundi Club in New York City. Holly is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, and the Atlanta Fine Arts League.

Read a recent interview with Holly in Voyage ATL... http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-holly-henson-art-holly-rae-henson-midtown/



Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you, whether you have an inquiry about a purchase or commission, or simply want to leave your comments!


If you are interested in commissioning a painting, I'd be delighted to discuss it with you. Many of the commissions I do are portraits, however I have also been commissioned to create still life and bird paintings. I particularly love creating personal commissions with meaningful objects. In the case of a still life painting, this may include favorite flowers from a collector's garden and/or heirloom containers. For a child's portrait, this might include a favorite toy or beloved pet. The possibilites are endless, but I find it a joy to paint these special personalized touches.

Some aspects of my commissions process:

  • We will have a discussion and share ideas about various possibilities for the painting.
  • In the case of a portrait commission, we will schedule one or more sittings. This will include a photo shoot.
  • A 40% deposit is required before I begin, with the remainder to be paid upon satisfactory completion of the painting.
  • In some cases, it is preferable to have the sitter come to my studio. Usually however, it makes more sense for me to travel to the client and I very much enjoy this part of the process.
  • After the initial sitting, we will work together to discuss and agree upon photo references and the overall direction of the portrait. Sketches will be provided when necessary to convey the vision for the piece.
  • Portrait commissions will be life-sized or close to life-sized with consideration for any space requirements.
  • I will provide an estimate for completion once I begin a project. Usually it takes 2-3 months to complete a portrait from the start. At the moment, my waiting list is about 1 year out.
  • I use the highest quality materials in all of my artwork, from oil paint to brushes to the smoothest linen or wood panel surfaces. My commitment to using the best materials means your painting will be an heirloom that will last for many generations to come.


  • Head and shoulders portraits range based on size $1200 (12" x 12"), $1800 (14" x 18"), $2400 (16" x 20")
  • Half body portraits range from $4000 to $5500 depending on size and complexity of background. 
  • Full body portraits range from $6000 to $8000 depending on size and complexity of background. 
  • Prices do not include framing
  • Shipping and travel expenses are additional.
  • Floral/Still life paintings vary from $550 to $2500 depending on size. These paintings are usually sold framed, unless the collector would prefer otherwise.